The Meet Organizer, Rocky Mountain Glider Company, LLC, (Rocky Mountain Glider Company, LLC is owned by Christine and Terry Reynolds ) will be responsible for all aspects of organization, coordination, contracting and administration before and after the meet. The Meet Director, xxxxxxxxxx., will have complete authority and responsibility for the actual operation of the contest, beginning with the Officials’ Meeting August 29 and ending after final scores are tabulated September 5. The Meet Director will have complete authority over all other meet officials except the Safety Director (per USHPA rules). Neither the Meet Organizer, nor any other sponsor, will be allowed to exert any influence over the Meet Director. Meet officials will include the Meet Director (xxxxxxxxxxx), Safety Director (xxxxxxxxxxx), Launch Director (Rick Jacob), Scorekeeper (Tim Ettridge), and Driver Meet Director (xxxxxxxxxx). The positions of Launch Safety Assistants , Assistant Scorekeeper and general helpers will hopefully be filled by volunteers. The Meet Organizer has established an excellent relationship with local and Federal authorities and landowners. Local and state law enforcement people can be counted on for friendly support.

Clinic Instructor

Technical Adviser

Davis Straub is well known as the man behind the Oz Report, the ezine most of us read first thing every day.  He is also the most knowledgeable person we know with regard all aspects of hang gliding competition, big and small.  Davis has been Meet Director for two World Meets, as well as U.S. Nationals, not to mention being the go-to guy at most meets when there are questions regarding rules, scoring, etc.  He is still a formidable competitor.  He has been on several U.S. National Teams, was National Champion Class 5 and is currently ranked high enough to have been on the U.S. team at the Worlds in Mexico, but for shoulder surgery in January. 

Meet Organizer:

Since 1979, Terry Reynolds' first love, after family, has been flying and competing in hang gliders.  His proudest achievement in hang gliding was being on the U.S. national team.  While by far his real passion was flying, he also designed the Monarch II, TRX and TR3. 

Meet Organizer:

Chris Reynolds first owned and flew a standard in 1973.  She says that more accurately the glider flew her!  So, after selling the glider, but still wanting to be around the sport and its people, Chris became invaluable in supporting roles.   She has organized and/or helped with innumerable contests, from regionals through world meets.  Chris received a special USHGA (it was "USHGA" at that time) citation and plaque for "an outstanding job of organizing" the first of the big Dinosaur Nationals.

Sport Class Sponsor:

Driver Meet Director:



Timothy Ettridge, besides living at Quest Air, has flown hang gliding sites all over the world.  Although Timothy has competed, at competitions he prefers a supporting role.  Great for us!  He is a real smart guy and will be under the scorekeeping tutelage of Davis Straub at three major comps before Dinosaur.

Launch Director

Rick Jacob 

Safety Director:

Meet Director: