The 2015 Dinosaur Hang Driving Championships will be held in conjunction with this contest. Framed certificates and cash prizes (1st place, $200; 2nd, $100; 3rd $50) will be awarded. This will keep ground crews very seriously involved in the hang gliding competition as well as the driver competition and insure pilots are rapidly retrieved. Drivers’ scores are based on actions that promote safety and efficient retrieval. Bonus points are awarded for observing the driver’s team pilots‘ landings, full or partial retrieve of other teams’ pilots, miles driven, good stories, gifts of cold beverages to pilots after landing, etc. There is no limit on the number of pilots for a driver's team, so pilot's who show up without transportation arrangements will be quickly drafted. However, large teams are no assurance of success. There are large penalties for failure to retrieve pilots before an evening deadline and should a pilot spend the night out, that pilot’s driver gets a zero for the day. Trades, drafts and free agents are allowed.