Make sure you have a CIVL ID. You can find yours or obtain one (at no cost) here: You also need your USHPA number. You can find it here: Members only menu item on the left side. (If you are an international pilot, we can sell you the required short term membership at the Paperwork Party before the contest) If you want WPRS points you'll need an FAI license. US pilots can get them here: We really encourage you to do this if you haven't already. This increases the validity and points value of the competition, increasing our standings as a nation and potentially increasing the number of places we can get at a world meet. There are heaps of reasons - too many to list - just take our word for it and in no time you'll see your name moving up the world rankings on the CIVL website!!

If you expect to aerotow, it is absolutely necessary that you are thoroughly skilled at aerotowing and capable of aerotowing the glider you plan to fly in competition conditions. An international competition is no place to learn how to aerotow. If you are unknown to the organizer/meet director, you may be asked for proof of your aerotow expertise when you pre-register. During the competition, the meet director/safety director reserves the right to remove (without refund) any pilot who does not demonstrate appropriate aerotowing skills.