Hang driving at Dinosaur is potentially more challenging than at the semi-urban venues of other major U.S. contests.  Cellphone coverage should not be counted on 100%.  GPS, maps (free at the Paperwork Party) and radios are recommended as driver equipment. 

The terrain in the contest area varies from spectacular rocky cliffs to river valley pastures. There are expanses of level desert and various sized hills. Ranch and oilfield service roads form a network for easy pilot retrieval.  4WD is nice, but unnecessary unless a pilot lands deep in no-man's land.  Any 2WD vehicle with reasonably high clearance should be adequate.  (The road to launch is so good you can drive your Ferrari right to where you begin your takeoff run!) 

The Dinosaur 2015 Hang Driving Championships will be held in conjunction with this contest. This will keep ground crews very seriously involved in the hang gliding competition as well as the driver competition and insure pilots are rapidly retrieved. (please see "Driver Contest")