(The pilot was unhurt after hitting the only tree that used to be between launches.)

Dinosaur is a big air site with an excellent safety record.  We will do our best to help maintain that record.  In the end, however, each individual pilot must be responsible for his/her safety Only the pilot can determine  whether or not the situation is safe  given that pilot's experience and skills. 

The contest is being held after the normal period of the monsoon weather pattern and its more frequent overdevelopment.  While thunderstorms are still possible, they are well defined, visible and easily avoidable.

Dinosaur is traditionally a footlaunch site with thousands of competition and free flight launches and Dinosaur 2015 is primarily a footlaunch meet.  However, given that in 2015 there are many good pilots who either never acquired good footlaunch skills, or are not current with those skills,  or are just more comfortable towing, we have constructed "Dinosaur International,"  an 1800' X 50' runway on the east edge of town.

The local rules will ease the competition pressure on pilots to launch if they are not comfortable with conditions.  Open and rigid wing class pilots will drop their lowest daily score.  Sport Class pilots will drop their two lowest scores.

With several thousand competition and free-flying foot launches over 29 years, an excellent safety record has been established, especially in comparison with other well known big air sites. Safe landing fields and roads are plentiful. Fences, power lines and other hazards are sparse (except in the oilfield near the town of Rangely, an area that will be avoided in task calls). Prearrangements for search and rescue, ambulance and medical facilities will be made and coordinated by the Safety Director for all potential routes of flight.