At this time, the Meet Organizers are not providing tow pilots and tugs. Pilots should make their own arrangements. The Organizers will help coordinate getting pilots and tow operators together. Contact at

Dinosaur has traditionally been a premier foot launch site. (Pilots have successfully truck-towed from various rarely used roads in the area.) Recognizing that for various reasons many pilots prefer aerotowing, the organizers, the landowner, the town of Dinosaur and Moffat County have built a runway (24/6; 1800’ x 50' at 5,922’ MSL) specifically for this contest. Initial construction was supervised by hang glider pilot, and by far the most experienced aerotow pilot in Colorado, Tim Collard.

Both Dinosaur International and the foot launches from Cliff Ridge are within the same 10 kilometer diameter start circle. A 2250’ tow will put the towed pilot at the same altitude as the pilot foot launching at 8,140’ from Cliff Ridge.


Despite significant effort and expense to accommodate towing, Dinosaur 2015 is first and foremost a footlaunch meet. If conditions on any competition day preclude towing, but are foot launchable from Cliff Ridge, the day will be considered valid. Conversely, if conditions are safe for towing at Dinosaur International, but not for foot launch from Cliff Ridge, the day will not be deemed valid.