The best weather reporting station for Dinosaur’s Cliff Ridge (launch and camping) is . That station is 50 miles east, 1500’ lower, facing the same direction with similar topography out in front. Last year, during the August 30 - September 5 contest period, high temps averaged 76F (72-82); nighttime lows averaged 52 (47-60) and there was 0 precipitation.

While no one would be so foolish as to guarantee the weather for any hang gliding contest, the period scheduled for this meet should yield seven straight days of outstanding flying conditions. The desert area around Dinosaur is not affected by the high mountain weather which makes many mountain sites inconsistent. While many high mountain sites could have a solid week of virtually unflyable conditions, it is unlikely that there will be even a single day at Dinosaur on which a safe, valid task cannot be called. During the post-monsoon period of this meet, pilots can expect a weather pattern dominated by high pressure, with light westerly winds aloft and blue thermals/small cumulus. Climbs above l7,000'msl are normal.